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Thanks to this outstanding non-surgical solution, Fibrosthetics allows for extremely effective removal of lines around the eyes as well as reduction of ptosis (dropping/sagging eyelids).

Fibrosthetics uses advanced technologies that allow for fast and effective treatment which is also comfortable to patients.

How does Fibrosthetics work?


The Fibrosthetics hand piece produces a tiny plasma flash which leaps from tip to the skin in a micromillimetre sized point. This superficial point minimises the skin in its immediate vicinity – which reduces the excess skin, tightening the area. A series of tiny dots are strategically placed to attain the desired result for the excess skin.


Fibrosthetics Skin Tightening & Lifting without surgery.


Key uses:

Hooded Eyes

Eyelid Lift

Crows Feet

Eyelid Correction


Mid Face Lift

Full Facelift


Full Neck

Lines & Wrinkles  (smoker’s lines)

Upper & Lower Eye

Plus Skin Rejuvenation


Advantages Vs Surgery:


No injectable anaesthetic required

No cutting of skin

No stitches required

Very low risk procedure (NO risk of blindness as there is with surgery)

Minimal side effects and far less downtime

Quick & easy procedure

Most clients can return to work the same day

No thinning of the skin

Significant cost saving


Fibrosthetics Treatments consists of multiple shots spaced closely together and the upper, lower or both eyelids can be treated. The procedure normally takes less than 30 minutes to perform.

Results are seen instantly although the best appearance is seen after 3 weeks. 3 treatments at 6 weekly intervals are often required to give the results similar to a surgical procedure.



Days 1-3 possible swelling.

Days 4-7 Crusts fall off.

7+ fresh new ‘baby skin’

(Better than months after surgical blepharoplasty)


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