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The Laser Clinic in Reading

The Complete Aesthetic Clinic


Aesthetic Laser Treatments (X Lase Plus)

Diode/ Nd:Yag  Laser Hair removal

singlecourse of 8
 nipples/between brows/nose56.25450
chin/upper lip/toes62.5500
beard and moustache148.751190
lip and chin112.5900
cheeks/ sides of the face62.5500
Brows/ navel line73.75590
under arms87.5700
bikini line87.50700
1/2 arm148.751190
full arm187.51500
lower leg156.251250
upper leg148.751190
full leg187.51500
full face187.51500
full stomach187.51500
upper/lower back148.751190
full back187.51500

Laser thread vein removal for face, legs and arms

small area69 8999
medium area99 109119
large area129149200

Nail Fungus Removal

2 FEET OR 2 HANDS190760


30% off

(introductory offer)

lower eye lids300210
upper eye lids350245
both eyes599419.30
brow lift200140
Crow’s feet200140
top lip250175
bottom lip250175
both lips450315
naso labial folds250175
neck lift750525
full face lift20001400

Inch Loss Fat freeze with Cryo Lipo Sculpt

 single4 Treatments
1 AREA200800
2 AREAS2651060
3 AREAS385.501542
4 AREAS5062024

Holistic Therapies/Beauty

Cryo pen Therapy
Price from£20

Skin Tightening/Stretch mark removal

Monopolar Radio Frequency1 session4 sessions30%discount
upper face2501000175
lower face2501000175
face and neck3751500262.50
Body: up to 2 areas2501000175
Body: up to 4 areas3751500262.50
Body: up to 6 areas5002000350

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

60% OFFFull Price
Full face & neck12003000
Full face9402350
Mid & Lower Face6401600
Neck & Jowl6601650
Neck to jawline5201300


Nutritionist Services

Initial consultation(Meal plan) Consultation 2Follow up consultation
Health and Skin issues7510050
Weight loss558030